From Planner to Bride in 6 Days Flat | Long Island, NY Wedding

January 31, 2024

Bride: Kristen Kelly | Partner: Bryan Kelly | Wedding Date: Oct 7, 2023

Photographer: Amy Rizzuto 

As a professional wedding planner (check out her company, Eleve Events!), Kristen’s entire wedding was planned in 6 days (seriously- it was amazing). From locking in a venue to booking her vendors and designing the aesthetic, all of the major prep work was done in less than a week. That is, except her beauty prep work. Kristen shares the routine she followed throughout her 11-month engagement, plus her biggest prep mistake, below. 

Photographer: Amy Rizzuto 

Blessed by the skincare Gods, Kristen had never had a facial prior to getting engaged. She never suffered from acne (rude), so she didn’t think they were necessary. But, she decided to treat herself to a GlowBar membership for a little self-care, something that is very necessary when planning 17 weddings in a year, including your own! She went once a month, alternating between extraction sessions and dermaplaning. In addition to providing a fantastic bit of relaxation (she was known to fall asleep during her treatments), they made a huge difference in the overall hydration of her skin. She got her final treatment 1.5 weeks out from the wedding, and asked for dermaplaning and a bit of Buccal massage. She went into the weekend with glowy, smooth skin and some well-defined cheekbones, helping her feel snatched and beautiful. 

Photographer: Amy Rizzuto 

While totally open to the idea of getting Botox one day, she’s been on a mission to push it off as long as possible by keeping her skin out of the sun (clearly she read TBBB). Kristen got spray tans before her bachelorette weekend, engagement shoot, and bridal shower, and had every intention of getting one for the wedding. But, every event ended with tan marks all over her white attire. So, she decided to go against everything she believes in and try UV tanning for a few weeks before the celebrations. She went to Upper East Side Tan, using their stand-up booths for no more than 7 minutes twice a week. We are not advocating for tanning- we all know the risks of UV exposure- but we can’t blame Kristen for wanting a little bit of color. Do what you have to do, but everything in moderation! 

Photographer: Amy Rizzuto 

When it came to health and wellness, Kristen focused on strength training- and turned it into a date night! She and her fiance worked with a personal trainer twice a week, so it felt less like a chore and more like a fun, joint activity. She also joined Orange Theory Fitness in the last few months, adding some much needed cardio into her routine. She had chosen a form-fitting wedding dress (which was very unlike her usual style, but sometimes you fall in love with the least expected!), and the combo training helped her feel strong and confident on the big day. 

Photographer: Amy Rizzuto 

Now here’s where she made her big mistake: Kristen did her hair and makeup trial about 2 months out from the wedding, where her stylists perfected the “effortless elegance” look she was going for through a nape-of-the-neck knot bun. Then, she got her hair cut about 1 week out from the wedding, and asked for lots and lots of layers- which were impossible to style in a knot on the big day. Her fatal flaw was going to her trial with grown out hair, and then expecting the same style to work with freshly chopped layers. Luckily, her stylists were miracle workers who pivoted and created a different, but still effortlessly elegant, twisted bun, maintaining the overall vibe she was looking for. Her biggest piece of advice is to attend your trial with your hair (and skin!) in the same state they’ll be for the wedding- whether that’s spray tanned, freshly cut, or whatever it may be. 

Photographer: Amy Rizzuto 

Kristen absolutely loved being on the other side of the wedding planning process, and especially loved the excuse to add a little health and beauty pampering into her regular routine. She loved it so much that she’s kept up with most of her habits (sans the UV tanning!) in her married life- you can find her indulging in a facial or sprinting through an Orange Theory class when she’s not planning the next big event!

Photographer: Amy Rizzuto 


PLANNING AND DESIGN Eleve Events | @eleveeventsny

VENUE Huntington Country Club | @huntingtoncountryclub

BAND The Knockouts from Cafe Wha | @cafewhaentertainment

HAIR & MAKEUP Beautini | @beautini

HAIRCUT Francis Catanese | Julien Farel



FLORALS Vert-de-Gris | @vertdegris

PHOTOGPRAHER Amy Rizzuto | @amyrizzutophotography

VIDEOGRAPHER NST Pictures | @nstpictures


HAIR COLOR Mike Liang | Julien Farel

TAN Upper East Side Tan

PERSONAL TRAINING Structure Park Avenue

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